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It’s often said that every coin comes with two sides, whether it’s good or bad. This saying also applies to Internet marketing. Internet Marketing is without a doubt the future of marketing as a whole because individuals on a daily basis get more obsessed with the internet. However, this doesn’t mean internet marketing, despite its benefits and an advantage doesn’t come without its own limitations. In order to have a rounded knowledge of internet marketing, we have gone ahead to list a few of them including

1) Lack of personal contact

Lack of person to person contact is a limitation to internet marketing. This is because internet transactions involve no physical interaction, which is why some customers deem online modes of providing customer service as detached and get more pleasure from shopping in actual stores. They prefer to discuss with store staff’s in a person-to-person manner, feel the product with their hands and fingers, as well as mingle with other customers. Internet businesses cannot provide this offline experience for shoppers.

2) Lack of trust

A whole lot of work, without a doubt, needs to be done to build up trust, and persuade potential customers that discussions which generally occur online are as real, and honest as those happening offline. No doubt, it is an ongoing and long process, which requires more time. However, it should be emphasized that unless trust between themselves is established, internet marketing simply cannot be used to its maximum ability. So it is important for those people who market using the Internet to know this aspect of real life marketing and incorporate it into their online business.

3) Internet marketing is not free: The Internet Youtube marketing contrary to people’s belief is not totally free. There are several things that make internet marketing costly; some of them include the cost of purchasing hardware’s, as well as software’s, and also the cost of designing, and maintaining the website and also server. All these must be put in consideration when outlining your internet marketing strategies and budget as well.

4) Safety: One vital problem and a very crucial question to ask is this; is your site really safe? The reason why you should ask this question is because; your competitors can easily try to sabotage and hack into your very own website. There have been situations in the past, where competitors have attempted and succeeded in sabotaging a company’s or business’s brand image by tossing harmful attacks

5) Customer service: Another limitation of internet marking is the failure to raise the stakes when it comes to customer service. In this area, the traditional means of marketing has an advantage over internet marketing. This is because; internet marketing businesses sometimes have failed to provide good customer service and response programs. Some websites don’t even have customer care services and they still run their business, but the problem is because of how fast paced the internet and online world is, when a company or business doesn’t give good customer service, even if its just to one person, there are extremely high chances the customer will give a negative comment, which can spread immediately online.

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