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Authored by -cancer elements, the software are now increased when you need to . We are engaging today, said the another .First. Do not have dinner moldy food and equivalent products. Peanut, soybean, rice, flour mold may manufacture aflatoxin, which is high level carcinogen.Aflatoxin are the main carcinogens and other toxic are Aspergillus versicolor, ochratoxin, Penicillium carcinogenic toxins, because Fusarium toxins have positive carcinogenic. Aflatoxin mainly throughout the moldy grain, oil, peanuts, it is parasitic Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus metabolites, has a very full carcinogen, can cause liver, stomach and so from.The

main preventive measures can be found mildew. If the food item has mildew toxin-producing, it’s a good idea not to eat. Should the minor mildew to recognize corresponding measures to drugs, such as peanuts might be pick mycophenolate tablets; grain roller mill can be employed and washed method; organic oil can be in addition to drugs such as alkali treatment.Article II. Do certainly not eat smoked, preserved food, such as smoked fish, bacon, pickles, etc., which will can produce carcinogens 3 . nitrite.Nitrosamines in food are strong carcinogen. Nitrate on top of that nitrite nitrosamines are several body, nitrite and amines to form nitrosamines formula.

Nitrosamine compounds, many another types, different nitrosamines can trigger cancerous different, almost resulting in a variety of organs in addition to tissues of cancer. Dangerous nitrosamine compounds role extensively. Through DNA alkylation-induced mutations, but actually lot of proto-oncogene account activation. Containing nitrosamines pickles are the most, then, he said dry salted fish, sausage, ham, bacon, etc.Fish and as a result meat products increases the necessity of nitrate and nitrite hair follicle color or for cleanliness. Pollution is serious in peri-urban and Exploration Areas of the environmentally friendly vegetables, the nitrate text-based content more. In the shrimp paste, salted egg, pickled vegetables also contain higher carcinogenic nitrosamines category.

At the overnight grilled cabbage will produce nitrite, in the body could be transformed into nitrosamines. While salted fish produced dimethyl sulfoxide nitrate, in physique can be transformed down into carcinogenic dimethylnitrosamine. Scientific trials confirm that when nitrite encountered twice the diet C, it should instead of in the human whole with the amine amine nitrite synthesis. Therefore, for you to take to prevent anti-cancer vitamin C in cookware losses.So how to minimize down dietary vitamin C’s lossFirst, the sooner the easier after eating: fresh items eaten sooner the better, because vitamin C for the duration of storage would break into.Second,

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